Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome to Joburg Taco Del!

We were out this past Saturday and noticed a new restaurant called Taco Del.  This is not be confused with Taco Bell!  This was very exciting to us because you cannot find many Mexican restaurants here.  We really hope that it goes over well because the prices are somewhat affordable.  It would be nice to know where they buy all of their food because you can't find tortilla chips or enchilada sauce around here like they serve.

Old man winter has definitely arrived in is COLD!  I think we are better prepared this winter though.  We bought a small new heater for the living room and a heated under blanket for our bed this past Saturday.  We got a heated under blanket for the boys last year and finally broke down and bought one for us.  The heated under blanket with the new fleece sheets from Uncle Jim, Aunt Lisa, and Grandma Lorene sure did feel good last night!  Saturday morning we woke up and it was 23 degrees outside and it may have been colder inside our house than out!  We sure do miss central heat and fireplaces.

It's hard to believe that in 3 months little miss Karli will make her grand entrance!  We are getting very excited.  A lady in our church gave us a Moses basket and a small baby seat this past Sunday.  With these items plus the baby shower gifts from the party that Kody's mom and sister threw last month, it is all beginning to feel real!   

It was exciting to see that the Soup Kitchen continued to go strong while we were in Zambia.  Around 50 men are still faithfully attending and listening very attentively.  One man 2 weeks ago stayed after the Bible study was over and told Kody he wanted to learn more about Jesus.  Kody spent quite a bit of time sharing with him and then had the privilege of leading him to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ!