Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good-Bye Stuff



After months of acquiring the "stuff" we want to crate to Malawi, we finally said good-bye to it yesterday.  The movers arrived around noon to box up all of our belongings.  They technically arrived here a few hours before that, but encountered a bit of delay as the driver took too sharp of a turn and got stuck in the ditch at the bottom of my in-law's hill.  The highway patrol took care of keeping the traffic back since the truck blocked both lanes of the intersecting highway while we waited on the tow truck to arrive.  The moving truck pulled away around 6:30 last night and headed for Columbia, MO.  Our "stuff" will be transferred to the crates and stored there until we receive our work permit and land in country.  So long for now!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel Mercies

Kody is currently on the airplane headed to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a week of meetings.  He'll arrive tomorrow around 2 p.m. our time.  Please pray for safe, smooth flights and layovers as he heads overseas.  God reminded me this morning that praying for travel mercies shouldn't be taken lightly.

I dropped Kody off at the St. Louis airport and headed for my in-law's house in Dixon, MO.  In the minutes before I was about to travel through I-44 near Rolla, highway patrol was blocking off the Interstate because of flooding between Rolla and Jerome (my exit!).  I was detoured through the city and told I wouldn't be able to get to Dixon.  I phoned my mother-in-law who told me of a back way.  She then tried to take the back way to her church in Rolla not even 30 minutes after I went through and it had already been deemed impassable; she had to head back home.  I had a small window to get to Dixon and God guided me through!

Thank you for your continual prayers on our behalf!  You never know what each day will bring.

(And yes, pictures are coming soon.  I haven't forgotten!)